Tuesday, 7 December 2010


The Bagpuss with his knitted mouse :)
I dare you to try and take it...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Quilty Goodness

Chop and I are working on a collaborative project under the name of Proper Crafty. We set up a workshop for the project, getting kids to design a drawing first, which they could then craft onto a square of fabric...

The squares of fabric were then posted up to make an improvised quilt...
Which Sarah then sewed into a real quilt :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Open Studio no.2

With a week's notice, we put on our 2nd open studio of the year; a work in progress show.
This was the presentation of the superstition work...

A-U of Contradiction Poster

I was thinking about what to do with the screen-prints I'd done on the grey paper (which i really like) and had a brainwave on how to make an interactive poster for the superstition project.

If I glued the squares back to back with a piece of fishing wire between them I could cut spaces for them in a poster and fix them so that you could spin them round, revealing both sides but not at the same time...

An A-U of Contradiction Book

Book-binding time! Finally screen printed the superstition layouts and they all match up *phew*.

A well needed update

What i've been working on for the superstition project. The idea that superstitions are presented as facts. If you believe in a superstition, nothing can waver it, because it is illogical to begin with.

It's turned into an A - U of contradiction; I found two superstitions that contradicted each other for each letter of the alphabet. A is about apples, B is about Bees etc.

I was working on how to visualise the fact that each superstition is like a fragment of "knowedge", but you can't view two contradicting superstitions at the same time.

This turned (after maaany hours in front of illustrator) into these layouts which i screenprinted. Each is a fragment of a letter with the superstition underneath, so that if you overlay them the letter becomes whole but you can't read the contradicting superstitions, which overlap each other.Next step is to print on acetate so that they can be put into a book format.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Crafty Owls

Starting to think what to make for the stall at the UAL Arts Market 2010.
This is the first little plush owl i've made. His tummy is a bit of oilcloth i bought from Walthamstow Market :)
Here's how i made him;
He's stuffed with cotton wool, what a simple fellow!